New York New York!- Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I’ve been wanting to take a photography workshop for sometime to continue my growth as a newborn photographer. So finally about a month ago, I sweet talked my ever supportive husband to let me go to a newborn workshop in New York. For over a year now, I’ve been blog stalking Summer Lyn Photography. I could look at her work allll dayyy loooong. ..::sigh::.. I’ve  connected to her work more than any other photographer. Her style is soft & warm and the love literally drips off the pages of her blog. We’ve been trying to get together since May and just last weekend I finally made the long trek up to New York.

Here are a couple things I learned from my drive up to see Summer.

  • 5 hours of Mumford & Sons and Adele on repeat never gets old.
  • Driving through New York City at 6pm is much worse than child birth.
  • When your GPS tells you “You have arrived”, in the middle of a freeway. You know you’re screwed.
  • Driving circles around Queens at 9 o’clock at night isn’t as fun as being on a merry-go-round. It’s actually much much worse.
  • I may have gotten my mother’s fire red hair, but clearly did not get her sense of direction. : -D

Getting to Summer’s house on Saturday was so much easier. Thank goodness.  Summer is as funny, beautiful, & warm as she is on her blog posts. I instantly loved her even more. Her studio is amazing, the light is literally perfect, & her prop organization is to die for. We talked set-up, lighting, posing, post processing, & all things newborn photography. For the next 15 hours I was like a kid in a candy shop! I soaked everything up. And in between the beautiful babes I got to photograph, hanging out with her family was equally as fun. I probably should have paid extra for all the belly laughs & amazing food courtesy of her husband.

Summer, I know I’ve said it before, but you’re the best!! Thank you for pushing me and for encouraging me. Despite the 10 hour drive, I had the greatest time ever!

Here’s one shot I got along with a pull back shot showing Summer helping me out with the diffuser. Many more photos to come!!

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  1. You are too funny, you should have stopped at Carolines Comedy Shop in NY they would have paid for that blog. Glad you had an incredible session with her, she’s my middle child(she swears i did it on purpose), I’m very proud of her work…

    1. Haha thank you JoAnn 🙂 Maybe if I had stopped at Caroline’s Comedy Shop they would’ve told me where the heck to go! I loved all 15 hours I got to spend with her. I can imagine how proud of Summer you are.

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