Welcome to the World Olivia Claire.

Last Fall I was logging onto my facebook account and saw that I had a message. Anyone that knows me well knows I love messages, emails, letters, etc. I eagerly clicked to see who the message was from and was pleasantly surprised. Neada, a friend of mine from freshman year high school home ec class, was gushing over my little girls about how cute they were. Flattered and happy to hear from her I wrote her back thanking her for the sweet words and asking how she had been. This turned into a little convo, that eventually turned into a coffee date, that turned into a three hour long coffee extravaganza. I reeked of Starbucks from being in there so long and also had a permanent smile on my face after our get together.

We’ve “been together” ever since. She’s my person, and I honestly don’t know what I’ve been doing without her in my life. She’s the kind of friend that builds you up and sings your praises. The kind that cheers and celebrates the loudest over your everyday victories. The kind that you can talk to for hours and hours and still have a million more words to exchange once your voice starts to go dry or the clock strikes midnight. And my favorite part about her is how much she truly loves my children as if they were her own.I’m convinced God crossed our paths in a time we needed each other the most. She and Brian, her sweet husband, have become apart of our family and my girls love them as if they were. A few months later, Neada shared the amazing news that they were expecting!! They found out that a sweet baby girl was coming their way. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for somebody. I felt an instant love for that little being inside of her and couldn’t wait to meet this special lady. Baby O, as everyone called her, is now a gorgeous 1 month old baby love, named Olivia Claire. I had the honor of taking their maternity, birth, and newborn pictures. When Neada told me she wanted me in the delivery room, I played it cool. Not wanting her to see how I was internally reacting…jumping up and down, crying, screaming, excited, and so so honored. On the day of her induction I felt like a nervous, anxious, happy ball of emotions. I cried more times that day than I can count. When I finally got to the hospital Neada had been in labor for almost an entire day. She was awesome and so was Brian. As the clocked ticked and Neada spiked a high fever it was soon necessary for a c-section. I waited, along side of their sweet families, in the labor & delivery halls. When Brian finally came out to say Olivia was here and Neada was okay, I felt such a huge relief and sense of joy.

Even though I wasn’t in the delivery room, I was able to capture the excitement, anticipation, worry, and LOVE that night held. I know how cloudy you feel after a c-section. How when you finally come to and really “wake up” you look down to see a swaddled bundle of baby and have to register that you just did that! I wanted Neada and Brian to remember the miracle that happened that night, and not all the crazy chaos that may have surrounded it. Neada, I hope you remember how pink and warm and SOFT her skin was. How she only would open her left eye to look around the room. How when I picked her up so you could see her up close, she looked right at you and calmed down once you started to talk to her. How her sweet little bottom lip was swollen and purple. And how we couldn’t believe how much dark beautiful hair she had!  I was so happy to be in the recovery room when you got to hold her for the first time. I love the pictures of you studying her and soaking her in. They’re my favorite from the night.

As a special gift, a “thank you” for being such an irreplaceable friend, I put together this special movie. I hope you love it. Enjoy and go grab some tissues 🙂

Welcome to the World Olivia Claire.

-Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer-

Kara – Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Kara was 18 days new. She was the prettiest chunky little thing and all girl. She made us really work for it at first and didn’t quite want to go to sleep. But once she got her belly nice and full she was ready to model and slept through the whole session.  She’s a beauty Kerry, I so enjoyed her session 🙂

One of my new favorite images.

I’ll leave you with the sweetest smile. Precious.

– Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer –

A Bit of Bergen. – Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Oh Bergen…what a beauty he was to photograph! When Heather brought this little guy in, we all just melted.  Just 13 days new, he had the prettiest little face. And I know, I know, he’s a boy…but I’m going to keep saying beautiful and pretty and sweet for as long as I can! Because the pictures will speak for themselves, he’s a gorgeous little guy. Heather, thank you so much for bringing little Bergen in!

Love his little smirk!

Sweet bits of Bergen…

New York New York!- Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I’ve been wanting to take a photography workshop for sometime to continue my growth as a newborn photographer. So finally about a month ago, I sweet talked my ever supportive husband to let me go to a newborn workshop in New York. For over a year now, I’ve been blog stalking Summer Lyn Photography. I could look at her work allll dayyy loooong. ..::sigh::.. I’ve  connected to her work more than any other photographer. Her style is soft & warm and the love literally drips off the pages of her blog. We’ve been trying to get together since May and just last weekend I finally made the long trek up to New York.

Here are a couple things I learned from my drive up to see Summer.

  • 5 hours of Mumford & Sons and Adele on repeat never gets old.
  • Driving through New York City at 6pm is much worse than child birth.
  • When your GPS tells you “You have arrived”, in the middle of a freeway. You know you’re screwed.
  • Driving circles around Queens at 9 o’clock at night isn’t as fun as being on a merry-go-round. It’s actually much much worse.
  • I may have gotten my mother’s fire red hair, but clearly did not get her sense of direction. : -D

Getting to Summer’s house on Saturday was so much easier. Thank goodness.  Summer is as funny, beautiful, & warm as she is on her blog posts. I instantly loved her even more. Her studio is amazing, the light is literally perfect, & her prop organization is to die for. We talked set-up, lighting, posing, post processing, & all things newborn photography. For the next 15 hours I was like a kid in a candy shop! I soaked everything up. And in between the beautiful babes I got to photograph, hanging out with her family was equally as fun. I probably should have paid extra for all the belly laughs & amazing food courtesy of her husband.

Summer, I know I’ve said it before, but you’re the best!! Thank you for pushing me and for encouraging me. Despite the 10 hour drive, I had the greatest time ever!

Here’s one shot I got along with a pull back shot showing Summer helping me out with the diffuser. Many more photos to come!!

What do you get… – Northern VA Child Photographer

with about 8 minutes, a chair, a great big open field, & two sweet babes?

These heart melting photos of my two girls. I love them. I’ve wanted some new photos of my girls who grow overnight it seems, but they aren’t really the easiest subjects. These photos are exactly them–Coco: patient, silly, & turning into such a big girl. Evie: giggly, curious, too busy to sit, & on the go!

I’ve listed our mini session information at the bottom of this post. Get in touch with me if you’re interested in a short & sweet session with a huge reward of lasting memories. More details to come soon!

Peaches & Cream – Northern VA Newborn Photographer

Meet Charlotte. She has the most beautiful peaches & cream porcelain skin. And is the most content & happy baby I’ve ever met. She never cried and always had the sweetest  little grin on her face. I wanted to slip her in my pocket and take her home with me. Charlotte was a few weeks old for this session and was more awake & alert. We let her just hang out and take in her new world!